Project Riverbank

A living record of physical movement and personal archives 

Creators and Performers: Heather Ware and Laurel Green 

When are you the riverbank and when are you the river?  Choreographer and dancer Heather Ware meets dramaturg Laurel Green, and they reach across distance to double-dare each other into visceral, empathic moments of performance. Obsessed with personal archives, physical vocabulary, intuitive movement, sound recordings and created texts, we use tarot card readings, precarious choreography, recorded secrets, archival post-it notes, magic decision-making dice, haikus, and flip charts, to ask: how do you move in moments of change? 

Project Riverbank is an ongoing, shape-shifting process, an exciting/liberating way of working that positions personal risk as a shared venture. We invite each other out of our comfort zones: our usual habits and daily lives. Hold your breath as long as you can - and then much more, my dear. This unique meeting place of theatre and dance, dramaturgy and choreography, reveals the potential for not only a new performance and storytelling form, but also new ways of making. 

Selected Development and Presentation: