Research & Writing

Practice-based artistic research and dramaturgical inquiries

Performance in the Pacific Northwest: Pilot Project 

2020 - 2022

Project Manager, Associate Researcher, Website Builder, University of Victoria

Funded by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Insight Development Grant. Our research team explores performance-related collections in community galleries, libraries, museums and archives across Vancouver Island to identify performance-related artifacts that unearth new understandings of the region’s social, political and cultural history. 

Presented at the 2023 Canadian Association of Theatre Research (CATR) Conference in Halifax. 

Dramaturgies of Participation Conference 

7-9 April 2022

Steering Committee & Artist, Panel discussion Feedback Loops

The inaugural play/PLAY: Dramaturgies of Participation Summit for artist-creators and scholar-researchers of participatory performance in Canada.

Dramaturgy—from the Bottom Up: exploring strategies for bridging videos games and live performance in asses.masses

June 2021: Mexico City / Online

LMDA Conference:  Without Borders: Dramaturgy in the New Decade

Featuring Milton Lim, Patrick Blenkarn & Laurel Green

A discussion about dramaturgy, video games, and live performance. 

videocommentary Cain & Abel by The Biting School

Featuring Aryo & Arash Khakpour (The Biting School) and Laurel Green (Guest Commentator)

The videocommentary series commissions artists who have contributed to the videocan catalogue to discuss their work while watching it. A guest commentator is invited to watch alongside the artists to ask questions and offer their own perspectives on the work. 

Possible and Impossible Spaces to Gather (Digital Nation)

By Laurel Green and Rebecca Ballarin, 2021

Sharing practice as we re-conceptualized an immersive promenade-style performance piece using Gather; enabling the piece to be presented online during the pandemic for an audience, while maintaining the environmental, multisensory, choose-your-own adventure elements. 

LMDA's Dramaturging the Phoenix 

Workshop Host, The Dramaturgy of Virtual Gatherings & Contributor, 2020

In April 2020, Literary Managers & Dramaturgs of the Americas asked its members to contribute short essays to boldly inspire, provoke, and explore theatre’s potential to transform through global crisis. The Dramaturging the Phoenix challenge invited us to imagine the “radical dramaturgy” that will lead theatre and performance into the next year, decade, and century.  

Dramaturgy of Virtual Gatherings or Towards a Poetics of Zoom: As dramaturgs, we’ve honed our skills of how to craft invitations to participate, build brave rooms, create meaningful exchange, and facilitate with care. How does this translate online? A practical show-and-share, experiment, and an active conversation about how dramaturgs keep humanizing, revolutionizing, and pushing the boundaries of this space. What are the emerging poetics of Zoom?

International Dramaturgy Lab (IDL)

Steering Committee: Hanna Slattne, Phaedra Scott, Sarah Sigal, Laurel Green, Martha Herrera-Lasso, David Robertson. 

The International Dramaturgy Lab (IDL) connected over 90 dramaturgs and theatre makers from 7 different partner organisations across the globe. It hosted 14 groups put together across language, culture and timezones to share, explore, create and innovate. The theme and the practice was to work dramaturgically across borders. The project was successful beyond expectations. Reflecting back on the experience and the importance of supporting and nurturing cross-border contacts between dramaturgs, we also look to the future to see how we build on this extraordinary journey. Members of the steering group who shaped, facilitated and made the IDL happen will share the journey, the learnings and the inspirations.

Constellations (IDL)

Created by: Laurel Green, Pauliina Hulkko, Elizagrace Madrone, Stefanie Schmitt, Hanna Slattne, David Quang Pham, Dimitar Uzunov (Canada, Finland, US, Austria, Northern Ireland, Bulgaria). 

We are adjusting to a change of scale and a change of place; we imagine each other as celestial beings, looking for new rituals. We are navigating and telling stories by the stars, imagining and describing our own cosmology. We are preoccupied with sensory elements of dramaturgy and cognitive science. Responding to a feeling of being adrift (where to gather, to work, to perform, to meet an audience, to create, to tell stories), we have re-drawn, and re-centred our maps. This has been a space of expansion, an activated space, a space to practice. We locate and reckon with chaos. How do we use dramaturgy to make meaning, perceive the world, and create new myths? In our presentation, we’ll share the digital wayfinding that has brought us to a thematic exploration on a Miro board and an immersive custom-built Gather space.