Ten Page Henry

Bicycle-powered scavenger hunt through the city's counter-culture

Creators: Tyler Klein Longmire, Lee Cookson, Joshua Dalledonne, Laurel Green, Richard Lam

Design, Drawings, and Writing: Tyler Klein Longmire

Concept and Development: Lee Cookson

Set and Construction: Chris Lawrence

Produced by Humble Wonder

A theatrical narrative utilizing game mechanics and experienced by bicycle. This immersive challenge took participants across downtown Calgary to collect 10 hidden pages of a hand-made zine as way of exploring the city’s counter-culture history. Each page included a clue to finding the next one, with writing and illustrations from the zine’s fictional creator, Henry, to contextualize the location from a personal perspective.

This project was generously support by funding provided by the Calgary Arts Development Authority through their Small Experiments Program in 2017.