App-based algorithmic listening party that travels down the spine of change

Director and Producer: Sarah Conn (she/her)

Dramaturg and Collaborator: Laurel Green (she/her)

Environmental Installation Concept and Flower Installation Designer: Allison O’Connor (she/her)

Projection & Cloud Installation Designer: Michaela van Beinum (she/they)

Lighting Designer: Guillaume Saindon (he/him)

Assistant Lighting Designer: Alexis Gagnon-Clément (he/him)

Electrical Designer: Michaela van Beinum (she/they

UI/UX Designer: Véronique Claude (she/her)

Associate UI/UX Designer: Frankie Latour

Web Developers: Kieran Dunch (he/him), Miceal Gallagher (he/him)

Backend Developer: Julien Desautels (he/him)

In-App and Performance Sound Designer and Collaborator: Nancy Tam (she/they)

Assistant Sound Designer: Charlier Cooper (he/him)

Decade Music Curation: AL Connors (he/him)

Creative Makers: Robert Chartrand, Kris Van Loon, Madison O’Connor, Robert O’Connor

Accessibility Dramaturg: Shay Erlich (they/them)

UX Consultants: Hosan Lee, christian scott

Remixed is an immersive listening party, performed as a collective experience. Together, we travel down the spine of change, connected by our custom-built app, the portal into the performance.

Over five years in the making, Remixed gathers true stories of transformation from all over the globe in a personal and multi-faceted meditation on how we instigate change in our lives, in our communities, and in the world. These pivotal moments are as different as the people who lived them, yet threads of connection emerge. 

The performance begins with playful questions that reveal the audience member’s relationship to change and feeds our purpose-build algorithm, generating the centrepiece of Remixed: a personalized playlist that weaves together true stories of change with music and narrative prompts. The playlist is tailored to complement and complicate, and each track brings listeners to a storyteller; tucked into kitchens, cozy in living rooms, and overlooking parks, they evoke a sense of place, space, and ethereal presence. Juxtaposing the personal with the collective and the systemic, our polyphonic choir entangles listeners, asking: what are you willing to do to make change in our world?

Remixed is a hybrid performance that can be experienced at-home, where an installation kit of party supplies is dropped off to listeners, or as an in-person version in an immersive environment where audiences sit together listening to their playlists, surrounded by glowing kinetic sculptures in continual transformation. Responsive, playful, and ever-changing, the space breathes a life of its own, shaped by those in the room. 

Created in collaboration with community members and change-makers across Canada and beyond. Development partners include Artengine, In the Soil Arts Festival, undercurrents festival’s under development program, the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, and the City of Ottawa.

Selected Presentations & Development: